Blue West

Blue West is an exceptional German company, specialized in commercial security and access solutions. We develop, produce, assemble, and market a complete range of sophisticated top end products, oriented towards openings. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and reliability in offering architectural solutions.


High quality products and services at best price.


To build loyal employees and partners. We work and live for our sustainable success together

Why Blue West

Fluffo Wall Panels


Fluffo Panel is a wall décor product which enhances the acoustic properties and aesthetics of a room with vibrant colours, beautiful patterns and has a soft velvety touch. It is, manufactured in Poland and comes in the form of carefully designed, colourful shapes and varying sizes.

Each model is unique and will always produce a magnificent design and will always be soft and cuddly to the touch.

Although the panels are soft and flexible, they are exceptionally strong and durable.


  • Acoustic Wall Panels
  • Fire Rated Wall Panels
  • Acoustic Ceiling hung panels
  • Acoustic Curtains


  • Fluffo is soft, velvety and warm to touch.

  • Available in 56 original colors.
  • All Fluffo products are covered with a velvet soft finish made up of tiny colourful polyamide microfibers.
  • Dust Resistant.
  • Easy to install.


  • Homes
  • Schools/Kindergarten/Play schools
  • Home Theatres
  • Office lobbies/reception/conference rooms/workspaces
  • Auditoriums
  • Hospitals
  • Cinema Halls
  • Walls of long corridors, or staircases in public places

Why Fluffo?


All Fluffo products have acoustic properties characterized by high sound absorption coefficient. They work perfectly in spaces, which require the improvement of overall interior acoustics: there is a problem with echo, reverberation or noise.

The sound absorption coefficient of Fluffo SOFT, Fluffo ART, Fluffo GLASS αw = 0.80; Fluffo FIRE RESIST αw = 0.55.

Acoustic and decorative hanging partitions

Acoustic insulation for Conference Rooms

Add color and improve acoustics to room in all dimensions

Facelift a dull area instantly


Since its establishment in 1992 by the owner, Ing. Pavel Gabriel, GAPA MB, s.r.o. has focused on the production and sale of mats and cleaning zones. It began its activity by developing two types of mats – the Openwell mat, as the first cleaning zone for coarse dirt, and the Shatwell mat, as the second cleaning zone for fine dirt. These types met the expectations of our customers and are still able to meet the requirements of demanding clients for clean buildings and interiors. Their quality has thus undoubtedly achieved the European standard. With the development of our company, our assortment has expanded as well, and today we offer a selection of more than eighty types of mats and accessories, such as entrance, textile, pool and industrial mats, drainage boxes, mats with a logo, door and stair strips, etc.

What we believe ?

  • By trapping dirt right at the entrance, you will prevent it from spreading further into the building.
  • By choosing a high-quality cleaning zone from our GAPA mats, you save up to 65% of the cost
  • For all types of entrance mats, we recommend saving on width and increasing length.



  • Industrial and technical seals
  • Compressed air and vacuum technology
  •  Analytical systems
  • Abrasive materials Oils and greases
  • Entrance mats and doormats
  • Work safety products
  • Gas detectors  Flexible barriers
  • Composite covers and bodies
  • Warehouse and logistics services

We are currently the sole distributor of many reputable European manufacturers. The products provided by our partners represent the latest technical thought and the highest quality, which allows us to be a supplier of plants such as PKN Orlen, Lotos, Grupa Azoty, Stocznia Remontowa, IP Kwidzyn, VW, FIAT, VOLVO, MAN, ABB, furniture factories IKEA, Can- Pack, Miranda, Polmos, Bydgoskie Fabryki Mebli, Indesit, ArcelorMittal Polska and other steel mills, power plants from the PGE and EDF groups and many others.


Our philosophy is sustainable development achieved by diversifying the solutions we offer . Therefore, we are gradually expanding the portfolio of offered products and services. Currently, the company has 8 departments: Compressed Air and Vacuum Systems, Seals, Abrasives, Oils and Lubricants, Work Safety Products, Analytical Systems, Wiper Systems, and Logistics and Warehousing.

Gaja Flagpoles


We identify with customer requirements and provide advice concerning optimal flagpole solutions: choice of flagpole, its location as well as flag hoisting and display methods.

Flagpoles from 6 to 12 meters high are available on stock. Higher poles are manufactured in accordance with individual requirements.

Offers a broad range of aluminum flagpoles, which differ mainly in appearance, flag mounting and flag display possibilities. The flagpoles in our offer have aesthetic finials, assembled on poles using sockets. We carry two types of finials: grey onion-shaped finials as well as flat, white finials. Both are interchangeable.


Lightweight, appealing, prestigious shape and appearance.


Beach flags, or so-called flying banners, are an exceptionally universal and functional form of advertisement. They are the perfect choice during outdoor events, as well as for stores and trade fairs.


Telescopic flagpoles are very popular as they are exceptionally easy to use and functional. The telescopic flagpoles in our offer are made out of aluminum. They have a regulated height of up to 575 cm, and a top bar, which allows the full flag to be displayed even in unfavorable conditions – lack of wind or during indoor display. made of materials of the highest quality – including aluminum alloy. They are very durable and flexible.


Fiberglass flagpoles are the perfect alternative to wooden or aluminum flagpoles. They are very popular due to their numerous advantages. Available in lengths from 6 to 24 meters and in various options.


Airclos is a brand with more than 35 years of experience in the manufacture of enclosure and solar protection systems.

From our production center in Spain we develop, manufacture and distribute a wide range of products for projects around the world.

Airclos manufactures only systems of its own development, including even the production of hardware and accessories . In this way, we can guarantee immediate and high-quality after-sales service throughout the entire useful life of the product.


Promag make our customers sure, their Logistics meets market requirements of this and future days. To have a properly working company, it is necessery to design properly flow of goods and information, optimal equipment with devices and systems, next taking care of their safety and efficient activity. For almost 40 years, as a manufacturer and an integrator of complex warehouse equipment we support our Customers at each step of enterprise activity in the field of inter-logistics.

Leader on the polish market of inter-logistics
Squillion of square metres of equipped companies
Thousands of satisfied customers

What we have 

automatic storage systems,
transport, completation and palletizing
warehouse racks
conveyor systems
forklift trucks
overloading devices
hosting equipment
packaging devices and materials
pallets, boxes, ladders
wheels and wheels sets

Design Solutions

On board the TeQture panel, we have Architects with over 20 years experience. We can provide guidance & technical advice on the selection & installation of the products, as well as recommendation on alternative designs & products to suit budget requirements.

We provide design solutions in collaboration with LJI Design Studio, a Design firm based in Qatar, providing the following Interior Design services:

  1. Concept Design
  2. Design Development
  3. Issue of IFC packages
  4. ID BOQ and Specifications